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Lords of Uberdark
Well, for those of you who haven't seen it yet, here's a video of the new game I'm working on...
Here's the Official Website too -- not much at the moment, just some character art. There's a bit more of a write up over at Kickstarter. The single player Alpha will be out August 10th-ish... Hopefully...

Secret of Ultimate Legendary Fantasy: Unleashed
A Porc
Here's a little game I wrote a few years ago... If you like it, why not come visit the New & Improved (and not broken) SoulFu Forum to hear what other players have to say? Maybe you'll even learn how to use the super-secret development tools... If you want to talk to me directly, try emailing me at aaron@aaronbishopgames.com
Or you could just Download It Now!

This game is rated Z for Zucchini...

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